grilled turkey & pesto chicken

literati cafe, wilshire boulevard, los angeles

the Literati Cafe is a cozy place, attached to a much fancier (and pricier) restaurant on Wilshire Boulevard. the walls are adorned with posters of famous counter-culture icons. and the sandwiches are quite good! both were served on ciabatta rolls, which were very soft and delicious. also, both were served with pesto- this seemed odd to me, as the chicken sandwich had pesto in the name, whereas the turkey sandwich did not. and also, the turkey had cheese (some sort of white cheese (JoJoJoJo says swiss)). but the biggest difference between the two was the meat. the chicken, to be honest, was not terribly flavorful and maybe undercooked. but the turkey was delicious! it was exceptionally moist, and served hot. the heat and intense flavor of the sandwich was nicely balanced by the caesar salad, although i wish i had eaten less of the salad.

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