bent cheeseburger

bender's, 19th & south van ness, san francisco
You may notice, from the staggeringly beautiful quality of these pictures, that I have a new camera! Undoubtedly I will still take a lot of cell-phone cam pics, but hopefully I'll have this camera on hand for sandwich eating experiences. You may also notice that I have started this review by not talking about the sandwich. That is because... well this sandwich was kind of a let down. I kind of thought I was going all-out and ordering the most awesomely decadent thing on the menu at Bender's, and yeah its a giant cheeseburger with bacon on it, but... well that's about it. As you can see, there is no produce and no condiments (I added some ketchup but didn't see any sign of mustard). The jalapeños were a nice touch, but overall I found the burger to be too minimal. Maybe I should have been more drunk! And don't get me wrong, it's not as if I didn't enjoy eating a giant bacon cheeseburger- but after the awesomeness of the pulled pork and hellcat, I was maybe hoping for more. Also the fried pickles were way saltier than I remember them being! Still, Bender's is rad.

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