bender's, 19th & south van ness, san francisco
Speaking of hangovers, Bender's is the perfect place to fight off today's hangover, while ensuring tomorrow's. JoJoJoJo and I were rolling deep when we went to Bender's this time- there were seven of us in all, including breadxbread writers Mark, Katie and JP- and I think at least four of us ended up ordering this sandwich. But how can you resist fried fish and buffalo sauce? Last time we went to Bender's, if you'll recall, I ate the BBQ pork sandwich, which was incredibly filling and delicious. This sandwich didn't quite match that one, but that has more to do with how amazing the BBQ pork sandwich was. The Hellcat is definitely a great sandwich, a perfect match of spiciness and, um, friedness. But afterwards I was still hungry. I think I pretty easily could have eaten two of these (and I almost did, but thought better of it). But its still a good, lighter alternative to some of the heavier fare on Bender's menu.

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