Progrssive Grounds Tuna Melt Lavash Wrap

So yeah I'm supposed to be a vegetarian, but you know what sometimes I wanna eat so goddamn fish, so back off, I'm so sick of people complaining. Jesus Fuck!

So yeah, I ate some fucking fish whatever, are you happy? It wasn't that good ok! It was like shit canned tuna or something and some cheese, I dunno. Does that make you meat eaters happy? God! And it was all wrapped in some weird bread or something, like all flat and shit, but not a tortilla, what the fuck, I was gonna tell them to make it on some white bread, but ya know what, I'm just so sick of people bitching about everything, being in my face all the time, whatever.

They didn't even put stuff in it, just bullshit tuna, and it was like 7 bucks, I could get a chick to sleep with me for that, why would I pay that much for a fucking sandwich!

There's no fucking picture so just shut up ok, go do something useful with your life instead of wasting my time!

Otherwise progressive grounds is a really nice cafe. It's less crowded then Atlus (which is nearby), and there's always room on the sofa. The staff are also super nice, and it's fun to see the regualrs. So, nice atmosphere, bad sandwiches.