tom tom

mr. pickle's, 20th & south van ness, san francisco
The second day that JoJoJoJo and I were in SF, I had a gnarly hangover. The kind where you are certain that the sun is shining specifically because it hates you and wants you to suffer. So JoJoJoJo and I decided to tackle our mental impairments head on, pulling out every weapon in our arsenal to counteract the misery in our souls with positivity. We decided that old reliable stand-by, Mr. Pickle's, was in order. I practiced a little free-style walking on the way, stopping only to buy a little Animal Crossing charm outside the liquor store on 23rd and Capp. When we got to Mr. Pickle's, I decided I needed to try something new- and remarkably, this sandwich, the Tom Tom, was something I had never eaten. There are a number of factors behind this- I usually feel guilty about ordering anything with bacon (or I used to, anyway); and the menu at Mr. Pickle's has so many strange combinations that a turkey club just didn't seem exotic enough. But it turned out to be a great sandwich, much less intense than some of the other sandwiches at Mr. Pickle's, but certainly a worthy turkey club. We ate in the little park (Alioto? it has one of those old-timey SF names) that is usually full of drunks and hobos, but it wasn't too bad that day. The sunshine felt good and the sandwich elevated my feeble state from "critical" to "tolerable".


  1. there's so much lettuce on that sandwich!

    did you see this?


  2. also, slamwich?


  3. there is a fair amount of lettuce, but a lot of that is pickles and peppers too. its just kind of hard to tell because my camera is not great.

  4. actually, blogger seems to be drastically reducing the quality of my images. i wonder why that is. also, I think i've had that grand slamwich before. my favorite was always the moons-over-my-hammy though.