st. francis reuben

st. francis diner, 24th & york, san francisco
This was the first sandwich I got upon returning to SF for the first time since moving to LA. It wasn't the first time I'd gotten a reuben at St. Francis, but St. Francis makes awesome reubens. In fact, I could eat nothing but reubens every time I went to here, and I'd be pretty happy. The corned beef is very salty and good, there is plenty of dressing and sauerkraut, and the rye bread is always buttery and delicious. My only complaint is that this time that I went, I was told that they don't serve potato salad anymore!! What kind of self-respecting diner doesn't serve potato salad?!? St. Francis had particularly good potato salad too, so this is quite disappointing. At least their fries are good.

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