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Things have been kinda quiet around these parts lately! I myself have been experience some technical difficulties that have preventing me from updating recently. Those issues should be resolved soon, but until then, I have some sandwiches to write about from my home town of Palo Alto, CA. First up is this turkey and swiss from the Village Cheese House at Town & Country Village. Town & Country (or T&C) is located across the street from one of the two local high schools, making the outdoor mall a popular lunch destination. When I was in high school, my weekly food budget was five dollars, which meant that I could buy a one dollar lunch every day (plain rice from the chinese restaurant, or bread and dip from the grocery store (neither of these locations exist anymore)), or one five dollar lunch once a week. I didn't usually have the self control to save all five dollars for a single meal, but when I did, a sandwich from the Village Cheese House was one of my favorite lunches. The store used to be a gourmet food shop, featuring a variety of European cheeses and candies, and a wide selection of small-batch hot sauces. This meant that their sandwiches were made with top-notch meats and cheeses- and not much else. The "old fashioned" sandwich consisted of three slices of bread (or a roll), meat, cheese, pickles, and spread (a sweet mayonnaise and mustard combination). During the lunch hours, the Cheese House would have baskets of pre-made sandwiches up front, near a second register, to accommodate the student lunch rush. It was pretty fun to dig through the sandwiches looking for your ideal combination of bread and ingredients. The Cheese House remodeled a few years ago, reducing their floorspace and selection of foods, but seemingly expanding their deli. It doesn't have quite the same charm, but the sandwiches are still great. Its just too bad that they don't stock my old favorite candy anymore.

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