toasted vegan sandwich

st. francis diner, 24th & york, san francisco

I'll admit it, I had never eaten at the St. Francis before this. I had gone in to buy candy and trading cards (specifically Michael Jackson and Beverly Hills, 90210 trading cards), but in almost five years of living in the area, I had never gotten around to eating there. I know, I know . . . It's kind of like admitting to not having seen Citizen Kane or read Slaughterhouse Five. Anyway, I finally ate there . . . and it was great!

I got the toasted vegan sandwich on sourdough and oooooooooh it was good. So so good. Grilled portobello, tomato, bell pepper, and greens on warm crispy bread. But what made my day was that they put vegannaise on it. I never really buy vegannaise, because I try to avoid fake-y products and also don't make that many deli-style sandwiches at home. But this sandwich made me reconsider, because the fatty creamy taste on this sandwich was really good. Also so many choices for sides! And a pickle spear on the side (200000 extra points!)! All for pretty cheap!

I never would have though this place would have so many non-meat/dairy options (vegan milkshakes! vegan sausage!) and now I will go back there as soon as I have more money and am hungry.

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  1. st. francis is my go-to place for an easy, inexpensive sandwich. And now that they have FINALLY put away the winter hours, I can get an afterwork bite with minimal fuss on monday afternoons, when the urge to cook is always overwhelmed by a need to be fed quickly while recovering from the weekend.

    I always like "The Bird" (the burger with a chicken breast swapped in) topped with mushrooms and swiss.

    - Jesse