veggie torta el primo

tortas el primo, folsom and 21st, san francisco

This veggie torta had lettuce, onions, tomato, guacamole and pickled jalapeño on a nice big soft roll. Normally it comes with queso fresco and mayo, which may have made this sandwich a little tastier (if you eat that stuff), but are by no means necessary, because this was a really nice torta without them. They grill the sandwich after constructing it, enough to warm the bread and crisp up the crust a little bit, but it's not grilled through like a panini. The ingredients were fresh and crisp, and the mellow, cool flavor of the bread and veggies was pleasantly interrupted now and then by nice big pieces of jalapeño. This sandwich was like summer on a bun.

They didn't seem to have a whole lot of other vegan-friendly options, but their menu is pretty big for the meat eaters. I never made it to their second location on 22nd, which recently closed, but their original location on Folsom and 21st is a nice big airy space, with a giant-sized plasma tv and giant-sized mexican sodas.


  1. you never went to the one on 22nd? i'm surprised by that! that's where I had my first torta milanesa.

  2. you're like summer on a bun, mark!

  3. well thank you jp.

    yeah not sure why i never went there. i guess i assumed they had mostly/exclusively meat tortas.

  4. yeah, I guess that's true. although I believe at the time you were living a block away, you were also still eating meat. one of the cool things about that place is that they had a pretty wide selection of mexican candies and pastries. also, the person behind the counter didn't really speak english and you kind of had to order in spanish.