Kasa San Francisco

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Kasa's Kati Roll
A kati roll is reminiscent of a gyro, which shares many qualities with a sandwich. In this instance, I have broadened the definition of 'sandwich' for the sake of multiculturalism.

The bread, or analogous edible container, is a piece of roti. The fillings are common Indian dishes; aloo, paneer, tikka masala. The chosen dish is garnished with grilled onion and a mysterious sauce.

Merits Awarded for
- The side of raita (savory yogurt) is excellent, the Maharajahs could do no better!
- The chewy thick roti bread is the Kati roll's salient feature!
- Air of good health. Lightly greased contents, whole wheat bread.
- 1 Roll = $5, 2 = $9, 3 = $12. Relatively cheap for the homosexual village of San Francisco.

Merits Detracted for:
- The establishment also sells meal platers, which leave me yearning for a variety of sides. I feel that I am entitled to these items free of charge, seeing as many a sandwich shop provide complimentary barbeque sauce and pickles. Alas no chutney for my kati roll.
- The Indian food that fills the roll is unimpressive.
- I find a single Kati Roll satiates my hunger, yet I feel 2 would be required to fill the swollen
bellies of most eaters. A per person price point of $9 sheds doubt upon the validity of Kasa as a thrifty option.

Final Verdict
Sampling a roll is worth the effort. I often frequent this restaurant after a private encounter with one of the Castro's inhabitants. I find it excels at filling my stomach's hunger after my other hungers have been fulfilled.


I apologize for my lack of reference photograph.


  1. controversially, also not really a sandwich!

  2. too bad they don't make Kati suppositories

  3. holy crap we're already the eigth result on google for "kasa kati san francisco" wtf