seitan pepper cheesesteak

jay's cheesesteak, 21st & valencia, san francisco
after all of those crazy meat sandwiches I ate, I felt like I needed to eat something not quite as heavy. fortunately for me, you can substitute seitan for beef in any of the cheesesteaks from Jay's, and I honestly think that it doesn't really affect the taste of the cheesesteak all that much. in part, this is because the seitan has a pretty good flavor, and a good texture too. but it is also in part because the "steak" isn't really the centerpiece of cheesesteaks at Jay's. as you can see from the pics above, the average cheesesteak at Jay's features mustard and mayonnaise (actually, a very sweet and tasty mayonnaise), as well as shredded lettuce and other ingredients that make this closer to a sub sandwich than an actual cheesesteak. but that was fine with me, because in reality I wanted something like a sub sandwich.

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  1. Oops. Just saw this post. OH WELL. SEITAN FOR EVERYONE, new readers and old!