World's Largest Torta in Mexico City

The largest Torta has been made in Mexico City for their 9th annual Festival de la Torta. It was 173 feet long and weighed 154 pounds. All tasty I am sure!

Sandwich lovers working together

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This sandwich was made in part to popularize the torta which can be very healthy compared to the fast foods that have been increasingly popular in Mexico.

I haven't had a torta for years but I can remember my first one. I had seen them on menu boards at Mexican resturants but never knew anything about them. I was at home when I first had one and my reaction was "It's just a sandwich-but Mexican!" I love that the sandwich can take so many forms across different cultures while still holding onto it's unique sandwich personality.

Speaking of personalities, who is this cute torta on this "Tortas Gigantes" sticker?
Can I get a shirt with this lil señor on it?

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