Tofu Bahn Mi at Eternal Springs

I order this sandwich a lot. Despite it being one of my favorites, I have low expectations of each sandwich wrapped and cut in half and wrapped again. It's too simple to not be good. Eternal Springs serves gelato and other desserts and sandwiches. The guy behind the counter was very nice and friendly. The place is very narrow and everything is to-go. They have an large open window along the street and pictures of their food. It looks pretty awesome.

I strolled home and was very excited to unwrap this sandwich. It was a perfect addition to a clear afternoon. The bread was flakey and fluffy. There was an added pickled vegetables that wasn't an important addition to the sandwich. I could have done without it. I was feeling pretty underwhelmed by this sandwich when everything started to shake. I froze with food in my mouth and sandwich in hand. I surveyed the room. Just as I was about to get up, it stopped. I finished chewing, swallowed, and finished the other half. That was the most exciting part of this sandwich. Maybe their meat sandwiches are better or their desserts are their main thing but I haven't returned.

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