Monday Fish Sandwich at Home

This has been the most delicious sandwich I have made at home. I found a pair of fish patties at while shopping for food on Sunday and just had to try them out. I love fish but have never had fish in patty form. I just took out the garbage so I can't find the package but it had garlic and parsley and not that many more ingredients. (This kind of thing is important to me when buying mystery meat). I knew I would be cooking this for lunch the next day so it got me so excited. The sandwich counter was set!

I got the bread loaded in the toaster and in the oven. I put chedder on the bread in the oven and toasted it slowly. I cooked the fish patties on an iron skillet that I buttered up. I cooked it slow and made sure to not keep my eyes off of it. I flipped it when it was ready and even held them on their side to make sure everything was cooked just right. I like keeping my patties neat. If you cook it too long it can get dry and unpleasant and become have a messy clean up. I did add some lemon juice to make sure they weren't too fishy. I only had to do one taste test before it was ready.

I set out some basic mayo, dijon mustard, capers, and TS cut up a fresh avocado (YES!), and tomatoes. I don't have any excuse for using Texas Toast when I live so close to a Boudin but It's a nice oversized bread that is up for whatever. I love capers and, as of now, there are no pickles in my fridge. I poured out some (original) sunchips on my plate.

I piled everything on, poured myself a tall glass of lemonade, got my napkin ready, and luckily remembered to take a photo of it. I paired this sandwich with an episode of The A-Team and it was the perfect Monday sandwich. The fish was cooked just right and the flavors knocked my socks off. I didn't want to overdo anything with this sandwich and, aside from the patties, didn't use anything I didn't already have at home.

I was about to write that it felt amazing instead of tasted but it really did feel amazing. I love fish because it's light but very hearty without being heavy. I can't wait to make this sandwich again with different bread and fish!

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