summer sandwiches: chicken sandwich & pork sliders at XV in portland

XV, 15 Southwest 2nd Avenue, Portland OR
Most of the places I ate while in Portland I picked based on the recommendation of a friend.  One night, however, I decided to not pick a place in advance of going out and to just see where I ended up.  As I mentioned before, all bars in Portland serve food, which RULES.  Well, they are supposed to anyway.  We were hanging out in one of the bars that kinda sorta doesn't really obey that particular law, but the bartender suggested a nearby bar called XV ("fifteen") as a possibility.  According to their website, XV is a Caribbean tapas bar, but I didn't really pick up on either the Caribbean or tapas vibe while I was there.  It was a Sunday night, so it was pretty empty inside the bar, but there was a DJ spinning hip hop hits and the kitchen had put out a tray of strawberries and pineapple with chocolate and caramel dipping sauces in spite of the relative lack of customers in the club.  I got a chicken sandwich (I think the herb-encrusted one on the menu, rather than the jerk chicken) and Rob got pork sliders.  Because this was a place we had just sort of happened upon and I wasn't really in HARD HITTING SANDWICH JOURNALISM mode, I didn't really pay too much attention to the intricate details of either of these.  BUT I will say that they were both really, really good!  The pork sliders had a sweet and smoky flavor that was especially delicious, but the chicken sandwich was tasty too and even the side salads had character.  I was glad that my suspicion that one could just blindly head out on the town and end up with great food was rewarded, and this bolstered my growing belief that Portland is tightly packed with excellent food options.  This might not be one of the more memorable meals I ate during my visit but it was still very good.

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