molinari's combo

molinari's, columbus & vallejo, san francisco
 Els and I had some business to attend to in the Marina/North Beach area (specifically, going to a "world market" of sorts to buy some German mustard) and decided to take the opportunity to try a sandwich destination in North Beach.  We hardly ever make it out that way, so I did a little research on the google and the fiery depths of that digital hellhole that shall not be named but rhymes with "kelp", and we settled on Molinari's after reading some high praise.  Now, maybe its just that I'm not 100% into the whole Italian deli counter style, but I couldn't really tell what the fuss was about this place.  It was a pretty straightforward sandwich, but the bread had apparently been sitting out all day and was pretty dry and chewy.  Apart from that, there wasn't anything wrong with the sandwich per se- just not really anything worth travelling out to North Beach for.  I bet if I lived nearby I might be way more into this sandwich shop (and I should add that I'm a fan of Lucca's, who offer a comparable experience), but for non-locals, it wasn't evident what the big deal was.


  1. I feel terrible about the fact that you had to eat that thing, it looks awful.

  2. I work right near here and I've never understood what all the fuss was about either. I mean, it's an OK sandwich, but not necessarily a better one than you'd find at any other deli. The real treat in the area is the cheesesteaks across the street at Buster's.

  3. buster's cheesesteaks eh? I'll have to check that out, thanks!