it tastes like earthy mousse

 description read as follows:
"open-faced 5-spice duck liver & fatted calf bacon “banh mi” pickled squash, cilantro, jalapeno"

It looks really good huh!?  but it really kinda wasn't...  i've had foie gras, i've had pate, i've had chicken liver, but this was intense! there wasn't a lot to balance out the rich earth flavor of the duck liver.  aw and i don't recall having any of the fatted calf bacon, there were only two slivers of the pickled squash, and two tiny pieces of sliced jalapeno, a lot of cilantro, a thin slice of toast and four huge chunks of gag-reflex inducing duck liver. 

sometimes i order things that sound cool and adventurous but in the end it turns out to be a huge mistake, this was one of them...

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