fried chicken kaarage sandwich

kitchenette, illinois btw 22nd & 21st, san francisco
I've written about Kitchenette many times before, but the beauty of their ever-changing menu is that there's always a new experience to be had.  Els and I had two sandwiches today, one delicious, one crazy.  The crazy one Els will be sharing with you later- this one was the delicious one.  It wasn't until I got home and had some time for research that I learned what Kaarage is, which is a Chinese/Japanese method of deep-frying.  It was one of those "oh, of course" moments when I found that out, because as ate this sandwich I couldn't quite figure out what it reminded me of; in retrospect, it made complete sense that it was a Chinese fried chicken sandwich.  The bean sprouts were a nice crunchy touch, and the sandwich was topped with umeboshi-bonito (a cursory google search leads me to believe this means plum) mayonnaise and shichimi made for an excellently sweet experience.  Els thought the fried chicken tasted very light (kaarage frying doesn't use breading like American-style fried chicken), and I was struck by how moist the chicken was (I am thinking this is because it was fatty dark meat).  This sandwich was definitely another success for Kitchenette!

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