this little piggy

kitchenette, illinois & 20th, san francisco
I say I'm a bad girlfriend when I don't have food to make for lunch, but really I just want an excuse to try a new sandwich...

Monday came around and I knew I had to have Kitchenette, it had been awhile.  Nevertheless, I did have to confirm that Kitchenette was what I truly wanted, as there are two other places I enjoy grabbing a sandwich from in the Dogpatch.  10am came around and their site hadn't been updated... 11am same... finally, the moment before walking out of the office for lunch my options were posted and yes! Kitchenette was what I wanted.  The tough desision fell between the choice of the "Grilled Berkshire Pork Sandwhich" and the "Spring Veggie Baguette" and after eating at Rosamunde's the night before, I felt I needed to be nice to my body by going with the veg option.

But that's always what I tell myself and once I was standing there about to recite my order my mind changed and even though I'm positive the baguette was dee-lish, I'm really glad I went with the pork sandwich!  This meal was all about featuring the curried onions and cabbage.  Everything else, though entirely perfect and delicious in it's own way took second stage and only served to compliment the earthy mild spice of the curry.

That being said, the entirety of it was sublime!  The pork was tender and dissolved in the mouth and had the lightest sweet flavor.  The rustic deli roll I was afraid of being too crisp and large to bite into to but the mixed juices of the curry and pork softened the bread making it not soggy but spongy and easy to eat.

I have to admit that sometimes I eat at Kitchenette and even though the food is almost always wonderful, it isn't always savored the same in memory as it is at the moment of consumption.  I've eaten a good handful of sandwiches that are forgotten by the end of the day, however, I was ready to go back for seconds today!


  1. looks deelish! are they economically friendly?


  2. this cost me $8.50 :p
    but i've learned in the city it's near impossible to get a sandwich under $7-9. specially if the ingredients are coming from local and sustainable farms, which i have no problem shelling out the bucks to support. actually, i try to not eat meat unless i know where it came from. i have my exceptions to the rule but its nice that most places list where their ingrients come from.