breakfast sausage sandwich at Rosamunde

Rosamunde, 24th and Mission, San Francisco

Mission mission recently echoed this sex pigeon post about Rosamunde's breakfast options, which reminded me a) that I still hadn't eaten at the Mission location, and b) that I'd seen their sign offering FREE FOUR BARREL COFFEE with a breakfast sandwich and wanted to get in on that- because I love sandwiches, I love Four Barrel coffee, and I really love things that are FREE.  The missionmission post also reminded me that all of the lame-ass haters I avoid in the real world love to populate the comment sections of websites, but that's neither here nor there.  What IS here, is this breakfast sandwich.  Funny enough, just yesterday I was thinking to myself "Breakfast sandwiches are lame.  You don't need to eat a sandwich for breakfast.  Restaurants should not make breakfast sandwiches, they shouldn't get distracted from making REAL and TRUE sandwiches".  And yet here I was today ordering up a breakfast sandwich.  I can't deny the lure of a sandwich, breakfast or no.  Eating this made me wonder what exactly I had been thinking yesterday with my anti-breakfast-sandwich idea (seriously, not sure where that train of thought came from).  Why, you ask?  First off, I loooooove melted cheddar on a sourdough roll.  I can't get enough of it, and so this sandwich immediately won points for that alone.  But that was just the beginning!  The egg was light and fluffy, the sausage was salty and greasy and peppery like a good breakfast sausage should be, and the roasted red pepper and garlic aioli was delicious.  The lady that made this sandwich warned me it was a bit messy as she handed it to me, and it sure was, dripping sauce and grease and egg all over.  It was piping hot, too.  There's even arugula on it, so you can pretend its healthy!  For under six bucks, with (did I mention) FREE FOUR BARREL COFFEE this is basically the best breakfast deal around IMO.  As sex pigeon noted, it was pretty empty inside when my pal Dan and I showed up around 10:30, just us and a handful of folks, so plenty of elbow room for all.  Get on it!

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