bold yam statement

With the return of Spring, I recently started thinking of all the things I enjoy doing during the warmer days in the city. One of the activities I am most excited about is popping off to the Atlas Cafe to leaf through their great selection of magazines and eat their fantastic sandwiches... this sandwich in particular.

It's a pretty bold statement, but the yam sandwich at Atlas is my FAVORITE sandwich. Roasted yam, chevre goat cheese, thinly sliced red onion, parsley, and cherry tomatoes are served on a lightly toasted fresh sourdough baguette. Why I claim this as my favorite sandwich is one, the flavors and two, the textures. Texture is a huge thing for me when I'm eating. The sweet yam is sooooooo soft, melts in the mouth and blends so well with the chevre, the tomatoes burst with juicy bright tang, the red onion adds a hint of crisp spice and the toasted baguette gives the teeth something to rip into. Most of this I have no trouble re-creating on my own at home, however, the roasted yam is perfected at Atlas. I have tried countless times, different marinades, cut widths, cook times, cast iron skillet, baking sheet pirex dish but its just not the same. Maybe it's the way they cook the yam, maybe it's the act of eating this sandwich with the combination of the back patio and the fashion magazines, but for me this is one of the most comforting and satisfying sandwich experiences I have yet to have and am excited for the return of Spring and Summer when I look forward to lazy afternoons at Atlas.


  1. Wow I've never seen yams in a sandwich before but I think I'm going to have to agree with "aw" on this one!

  2. I've never heard of yam sandwiches. Looks like it would have some great flavors.