Avocado + Tomato @ Langer's Delicatessen

So a friend was visiting me in LA and we were invited to lunch at Langer's Deli. For those unfamiliar, Langer's is often spoken of in the same breath as Canter's, which AW has written about several times. True enough, there were a lot of compare and contrast discussions going on at the table, with this group of people leaning toward Langer's mainly. Normally I wouldn't go out of my way to eat an $10 sandwich, and secondly, these places aren't known for their veggie options, but I figured, why not?

There were two veggie options, "Veggie" and "Avocado and Tomato". I picked the latter, and boy they were not kidding, it really was just avocado and tomato with a little lettuce and mayo on top. It was still, like, 5-inches-tall, but there wasn't a lot of sandwich to celebrate. I can't say I was disappointed because I wasn't expecting much, but it was pretty underwhelming for a $10 sandwich. It wasn't even $5 sandwich good. Maybe $2. No hate for the place, just stating facts: This sandwich was bland.

On the flip-side, everyone who ordered meat sandwiches really really liked theirs. I was never the best candidate to review Langer's, but if any other breadxbread contributors want to give it a shot sometime, the pastrami and corned beef come highly recommended. Myself, I actually ended up going to a different sandwich shop later that day to right this wrong. Review for that forthcoming...


  1. i'm on the case!!! just let me get to LA right quick

  2. oh, Langer's! I heard about that place... i heard that it was better than Canter's! dude, i am so going to eat a meat sandwich there soon...

  3. oh, WTF? that's hella close to where i live. i'm dragging my ass there 2morrow...

  4. Maybe I should go to Canter's and review one of their veggie sandwiches for posterity?

    Rob: You totally should, it's pricey but all the meat sandwiches looked pretty great. Maybe when Daniel and/or Omar come down we'll do it again.

  5. heck yes we will. and i haven't tried anything veggie from canter's but i would say that it's probably worth trying...