ikes vending machines?

scoop! over on the ikes place website, you can take a poll and get a buyonegetonefree sandwich coupon! if you'd like to thank me for this information, i like a vegan strawberry girl with no sprouts.

buuuuuuut also it looks like they've got some crazy business plans!!!

ikes sandwich vending machines? please! there's also a question about whether or not you would sign up for a sandwich subscription service!!


  1. i was wondering -- i took the survey two days ago and still haven't received my coupon. do you guys know anything about this? i was pretty confused. :/

  2. it said they would either email the coupon or send it through the post.

    i'm hoping you're not required to fill in every little box. that thing is long! and it has some kind of confusing distinctions (separate questions for 'what is your favorite coffeeshop/cafe/muddy waters/"petes" for you to visit during your lunch break?')

  3. yeah, i couldn't think of enough places. i hope they realize that their answers are all going to be skewed by putting out such a lucrative survey.
    also, keep up the great work here! i love sandwiches and i read this blog religiously. :]