hungarian sausage at rosamunde (the OG location)

rosamunde, haight & fillmore, san francisco
Recently my turnaround time from "sandwich consumed -> sandwich reviewed" has been pretty slow.  There are sandwiches I wanna write about that I ate months ago!!  But, for reasons I will elaborate on later, I gotta tell you about this lil' dog I picked up at Rosamunde in Lower Haight last night.  First off, to the transient woman who wandered in (reeking of piss) and scared away the yuppie couple, thereby freeing up their seats for my friends and I- thanks!  Good looking out.  Given that this is the original Rosamunde locale (and not the new fancy-pants Mission joint (review forthcoming)), elbow room was scarce.  This was doubly true last night, since BEER WEEK is in full effect and big things were going down next door at Toronado, the sister bar to Rosamunde.  In fact, that event was what brought my companions and I out to Rosamunde in the first place.  I decided to go with the Hungarian sausage, a smoked pork sausage I hadn't tried before.  I figured I wanted something kinda straight-forward, so I could get a taste for Rosamunde's toppings and condiments.  See, then NEXT TIME I get a (crazy-ass) sausage, I can be prepared.  Gotta plan ahead.  I wasn't disappointed with my selection; the Hungarian was indeed well spiced and smokey, nothing too wild, just a plain tasty sausage.  It's not quite as dense and salty as the Beer sausage, which, come to think of it, would have been a much more appropriate choice.  Ah well.  I picked sauerkraut and spicy peppers as my toppings, the two of which teamed up for an excellent vinegary bite.  Then, too, spicy brown mustard and ketchup.  Like I said, nothing fancy.  But!  This was nevertheless a great sausage.  I scarfed this down quickly and immediately wished I had ordered two sausages instead of one (the lamb did sound pretty tasty...).  However (and this brings us to the purpose of my timely entry), I was glad I left room in my stomach, because next door at Toronado the brewery of the night was Russian River and hot-DANG was it a good time.  I got to try all sorts of mind-blowing beers with crazy wild yeasts and bacterias and flavors like WHOA.  So yeah- this isn't a beer blog- but by all means, if you enjoy a tasty adult beverage, consider going to the beer week website and catching one of the events this week.  You might even get lucky and find a tasty sandwich nearby.  And oh yeah, if you dig beer, I highly recommend checking out Beer and Nosh, probably my favorite SF food blog.

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