mission burger!!!!! aaaaaaaah!!

mission burger @ duc loi market, 18th & mission, san francisco
GUH.  LOOK AT THAT FREAKING BURGER.  My long, slow-burning desire to try Mission Burger was finally satiated today when I swung by with BXB contributor Jonnnp and hypothetical BXB contributor Dan.  Dan had been eating at Mission Burger with near-obsessive frequency lately; after trying one of their burgers, I immediately understood why.  This shit is insane!  The flavor is INTENSE.  It explodes in your mouth and maybe makes you want to cry a little bit- and there's nothing wrong with that, dammit.  The beef patty is "granulated" (Mission Street Food's explanation can be read here); I imagine it as a sort of loosely held together "beef log" that is sliced into burger patties.  I may be entirely wrong in my conception of this, but, that doesn't really matter.  The point is that the burger patty is super good and I would have happily eaten it plain.  I didn't eat it plain though; it came topped with caramelized onions, monterey jack cheese and a caper aioli, all of which were delicious.  There was also a bottle of "Wolf Sauce" on the table, a bright-red hot sauce that reminded Jonnnp of Sriracha, but reminded me of.... spicy Doritos or something?  That doesn't make it sound all that appetizing, but it was hella good.  If I had one complaint about the burger, it would be that it was salty as all hell. BUT, that fact does not negate the overall amazingness of this burger.  Mission Burger is open from noon to three, Saturday through Wednesday- I suggest that you have even the slightest desire for a burger that you make your way there at your earliest opportunity.  If I wasn't dead broke, I'd be back tomorrow for their chicken sandwich.  That shit looks NUTS.


  1. So... I've been thinking about this and I must admit I'm a little sad that you didn't mention anything about the girth of this burger... I feel it's size really added to the mind blowing experience. The patty itself was an inch thick and the fluffy, slightly grilled bun had to have added another 1-1/2"-2", making this delish food coma inducing meal stand around 3" tall. That's jaw unhinging goodness!

    Sure, I've had other burgers that have stood this tall, but they are normally packed with frills that slop out as soon as you attempt to cram it in your face. Not the case here.

  2. all fair points! you could, you know, put them in a review of your own..... ;)