going home for thanksgiving

ike's place, 16th & sanchez, san francisco
Though perhaps not a seasonally appropriate sandwich for these sunny times, I've been jonesing for some American comfort foods after my recent travels to the southern hemisphere and, besides the already reviewed "Montana to Rice" from Ike's, I couldn't think of anything more distinctly American or generally comforting than the idea of a thanksgiving leftovers-style sandwich: turkey, cranberry sauce, and havarti. While placing my order I was thrown a curve ball and presented with the enticing option of adding sriracha hot sauce to "balance out the sweetness" of the cranberry. Having never considered enjoying my very American sandwich with the accompaniment of an Asian (though really, Californian!) hot sauce, I accepted this culinary and psychological challenge and set out to breadxbread's preferred Ike's testing ground: Dolores Park. While settling into this sandwich, I quickly realized that I probably ordered too many ingredients and would have to contend with an array of flavors and textures that don't necessarily fit the conceptual model of "thanksgiving sandwich." Though there are many ways to adapt this palate of flavors to the sandwich realm, in this instance I am not sure they necessarily benefit from the lettuce, tomato, banana peppers, and everything else that usually accompanies an Ike's sandwich. This surplus of condiments made my eating experience a difficult one to navigate through smoothly (my notes read "drawbacks - messy as shit"), but it was also very enjoyable. This was made possible by the amazingly warm and zesty flavors that surged throughout the "Going home for Thanksgiving." I was so happy to find that the sriracha really did balance the sweetness of the cranberry sauce; and together with the buttery havarti and perfect amount of turkey, it made my re-acquaintance with my favorite American comfort food completely satisfying.

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