Bill's Place

bill's place, clement & 24th ave, san francisco

An old favorite of mine, located in the OUTER RICHMOND where everyone else in san francisco says is too far away...boo hoo hoo...

I at one time lived 2 blocks from Bills, which has been on Clement St. forever and is still full of middle-aged locals with their toddler kids and elderly parents, where people recollect the dusty chandelier shaking during the '89 quake, and the knotted waiters who've been there 30 years still have problems remembering the menu.

All their burgers are named after celebrities but none of those are beef free, so instead of being a lame-o and ordering a turkey burger or veggie patty, I went with the chicken melt. I love a good melt.

rye, pickles, chicken breast and cheddar cheese
toasted to perfection, of course
paired with freshly made fries, like how In and Out wishes they could get their's
downed with a huge glass of coke
and some sips of peanut butter shake (regretfully not pictured).

I have to admit, this golden grease spectacular was the best hangover food I'd had in a long time. Happy sandwiches.


  1. dude you should have had a fucking burger. what the fuck?

  2. I've had enough burgers for a while, although they are so tasty.