italian sub at peanut's

peanuts, centre & aspen, lake forest
I had a couple of midday beers at this strip-mall pub in Lake Forest while JoJoJoJo was getting gussied up at the salon next door. As the name might imply, the shtick of this place was that they had buckets of peanuts at every table, and shells littering the floors. Sadly, my table was deficient in this respect, and so I had to make do with my domestic beer in a plastic cup. It was a Friday, and the crowd seemed to be regulars who were on their lunch breaks or skipping work altogether. Although I felt distinctly out of place (everyone else seemed to be on a first-name basis), the vibe was friendly and the woman behind the bar was pretty nice. When JoJoJoJo finally arrived, looking fresh and clean, we ordered up a couple of sandwiches. As might be inferred from "the battle of the tony sopranos", I really love italian subs and enjoy trying out new variations whenever I can. This one was no disappointment- it was especially oily and messy, and interestingly, the vegetables on it seemed to simply be an italian salad that had been thrown on. I didn't have any problem with that though, and it was kind of interesting to be eating these tiny slices of onion and such. For pub fare, this was a very satisfying sandwich.


  1. its reeeally delacious . nice.

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  2. it's the same part of the blog that is called "category" (amir khan, day, world) on your blog. you can set it to display alphabetically or by frequency in Settings (click Customize at the top of your blog when you are logged in). you can also rename it, which is why ours is called Index.