grilled pastrami & cheese

My new neighborhood- Los Feliz- puts me in pretty close proximity to Trader Joe's, whereas in the Mission, Trader Joe's was always a long walk there and then a long bus ride back. So I've recently been shopping at TJ's more, and since their lunchmeats are all pretty close in price, I thought I'd experiment with new meats I wouldn't normally buy. In this case, that meant uncured pastrami. Price wasn't the only barrier that prevented me from normally buying pastrami- I also tend to be more self-controlled in the grocery store (more than I do in restaurants), and rarely buy red meat. But I thought I would give it a shot. Man, what an intense flavor this had! It was really, really salty and delicious. In fact, it was so flavorful that I probably ate about have the pack of meat on its own, without even putting it in sandwiches. This sandwich here was grilled pastrami and mozarella, with tomatoes and a garlic mustard aioli sauce that I also bought at Trader Joe's. It tasted great, but the flavor was so strong that I think I'd only be able to eat this particular pastrami every once in a while.

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