Domilise's Louisiana shrimp po' boy: the definition of delicious.

Tucked away in the side streets of the garden district in New Orleans is a small, family-owned po' boy shop called Domilise's. this is where we found the holy grail of po' boys.

the defining qualities of a delicious po' boy are this: nice and fresh, soft french bread with a slightly crispy exterior. lettuce, mayo, and tomato also at a level of maximum freshness, and the crux of it or course being the quality of meat or seafood and the sauce that goes with it.

generally, as far as sauces for the go, seafood usually gets a helping of some slightly spicy, tangy, and sweet marinara. roast beef is served with a heaping helping of gravy. and corned beef gets topped with some spicy creole mustard.

on this particular outing we decided to share the meal. and since the girlfriend only eats seafood and veggies we stuck with the former, which was not by any means a burden. not to mention the fact that the cooks suggested the shrimp po' boy anyways. we decided that sounded best, and soon learned that it was a choice we would cherish for the rest of our lives.

everything hit the mark. see above for a description of all the ingredients that worked out so well... but what really deserves a more detailed description is the shrimp and it's sauce.

holy crap, what utter perfection! i couldn't have dreamed up a more perfectly fried helping of shrimp. it met that perfect balance between crispy and tender. they were juicy, fresh, and full of flavor. and the sauce, well, it clearly decided to marry the shrimp at some point while it was in my grip and have children in my mouth upon entry. The most delicious children to have ever lived! The way in which the sauce was able to enhance the flavor of the shrimp was otherworldly. Complimentary to the utmost degree.

Without a doubt, this is a sandwich for the ages. if you ever find yourself in New Orleans take a cab directly there from wherever you happen to be in the city. Deny yourself this pleasure, and you will be doomed to a life of regret. Reward yourself with this sandwich though, and you can look forward to a long, fulfilling life. A life that will consist mostly of either sitting and remembering what you had experienced that day, or going back and returning for more. The sad (or beautiful depending on how you want to look at it) thing is, I'm not even exaggerating...

Bonus Tip:
add Lousiana's Crystal brand hot sauce (I am not a stealth marketer) to your bites for an extra kick that fits in perfectly. Or to every alternate bite like I do because I'm neurotic.

this painting inside, too good to not share...


  1. crystal hot sauce is the best, way better than tapatio or el pato, both of which I love for all ages. crystal's is just so vinegar-y.

  2. yeah, it's remarkably good. i couldn't have picked a better sandwich to try it on for the first time...

  3. oh man you never tried it?? its the best pizza hot sauce IMO

  4. oh man, that sandwich looks so good.

    that painting is a little creepy.

  5. I had my first Po' Boy at Domilise's: