pulled pork sandwich

bender's, 19th & south van ness, san francisco
in this previous post, I mentioned my desire to seek out a superior pork sandwich. this sandwich forever quelled that desire. JoJoJoJo and I were relaxing at Bender's one saturday afternoon, idly speculating about their kitchen, and decided to get a pre-dinner snack of "yo yos"- deep fried pickles. the pickles were served with vegan ranch and a chipotle dipping sauce, and they were so good that we were persuaded to stay for an entire meal. that turned out to be one of the best decisions we've ever made, because this sandwich was insanely good. i'd lived around the corner for Bender's for years, and for some strange reason had never wandered in until recently, which I regret deeply. this sandwich.... oh man. the pork was so, so tender. it was marinated in a sweet BBQ sauce and served in a heaping pile, with coleslaw, on a hamburger bun. a fork definitely would have helped eat the huge gobs of shredded pork that fell out of this thing, but I had no shame in resorting to the use of my fingers. ah, what a sandwich. the rest of Bender's menu looked great too (JoJoJoJo will write about her sandwich soon)- burgers, fish, and plenty of vegan options like fried seitan.


  1. Hello!

    I just stumbled upon your blog when I was looking through 'Blogs of Note'.

    Congats on that!

    Maybe you could look at mine? Seeing as noone else does lol, maybe leave a comment so I feel loved!

    Oh. and the main reason I wanted to comment was to say that sandwich looks sooo GROSS!! (I'm sorry - I know you like it)

    Also what is Pulled Pork? I'm from England and I dont think we have that here.


    Ruby (http://obtuseruby.blogspot.com)

  2. lol hilarious. You enthusiasm for food is unreal.

  3. What a sandwich. It reminds me of a saying a friend of mine always used to say when you asked her what she's doing:
    "why I'm pistrami-ing my way to a whole new better me"

  4. I'm with Ruby - I'll assume that the photo's do not do the meal justice. I too am curious to know what the hell pulled pork is? Is sounds a bit painful to me.

  5. pulled pork is a style of slow cooking the meat, over low heat and for a long period of time. the pork then becomes extremely soft, so much so that it can be "pulled" apart. and yeah, I agree those pics aren't ideal but 1) all we had were cell phone cameras, in a dark bar and 2) I really wanted to eat that sandwich and didn't spend too much time trying to get the best picture.

  6. Thanks for the great site, good post!

  7. It's called Barbeque, once you add the right sauce...

    And the right sauce, my friends, is a whole other matter. Here in South Carolina we have mustard-, vinegar-, and tomato-based sauces. Some would say that your choice of sauce says a great deal about your character. So choose carefully (jk).

    Fun blog, btw. I look forward to reading more.