the texan

big mouth burgers, 24th & valencia, san francisco

what I really wanted was a chicken milanesa torta from Tortas El Primo on 22nd, but apparantly they are closed for construction right now. bummer. but I didn't want to give on my plan to pad this blog out with a little more content, and so my quest for a sandwich took me to 24th. it was either Big Mouth Burgers or that new cheesesteak place, but there was not much seating in the cheesesteak restaurant and I like to root for the underdog anyway. which is how I ended up with this, "The Texan", a sandwich featuring sliced pork loin in BBQ sauce and coleslaw. I was given the choice between coleslaw on the side or on the sandwich, but on the sandwich was definitely the right place for it because the sourness counterbalanced the sweetness of the BBQ sauce. this thing was a mess though, served to me in a pool of coleslaw drippings with chunks of pork falling out the sides. the fries were thick and tasty, the beer was cold, and the sandwich was piping hot and initially very tasty. as the sandwich cooled, though, it became considerably less appetizing. overall, it was decent, but it made me want to seek out a better pork sandwich.


  1. I know this isn't a sandwich, per se, but it is definitely barbeque pork!


  2. it is your mission to eat this food and report back!