One night stand with a turkey melt

sherman's deli, tahquitz way & calle encilia, palm springs

I almost gave up my no red meet rule
when AW and I went to Sherman's.

how can I continue to resist
the pink succulence of pastrami?
and condemning myself to a life
void of soft, luscious corned-beef?
is white meat the one for me?

Sherman's turkey-melt sexily told me
'Yessssssss, I am made for you...'

moist, stacked meat tucked between
sweet, buttery rye,
swiss cheese melted to its creamiest,
dripping in beaver brand deli mustard
and coupled with a small sampling
of perfectly formed potato salad...

when it was all over
and this beautiful sandwich was gone,
my heart was broken
but my stomach was full.

I know we shall meet again, my turkey-melt lover, I know we shall meet again.

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