hot pastrami and swiss

arguello's deli, arguello & cabrillo, san francisco
the aim of this blog is not sandwich criticism or comparison, but more just plain sandwich appreciation. so when I come across a sandwich that doesn't live up to expectations, it kind of leaves me at a loss. this is one of those sandwiches. its not that it was bad, per se- it just wasn't, you know, awesome. JoJoJoJo vouched for the hot pastrami and swiss at Arguello's, so I thought I'd give it a shot. but once again, I'd found myself at the deli counter well after the lunch hours, and frankly I don't think the guys behind the counter really have their hearts in it by five in the afternoon. as you can see, this sandwich is on sesame roll- that isn't by choice. it was the only roll they had left. I guess they must have their rolls delivered every morning, because otherwise I don't know why a grocery store would be out of rolls. as is also evident from the photos, this wasn't really stacked with pastrami. that's not necessarily a bad thing, but I think I prefer that the meat in a sandwich not be dwarfed by the bread or other ingredients. and finally.... this was supposed to be a hot sandwich, but it was more luke-warm. swiss cheese doesn't always melt very easily, but the cheese on this was hardly melted at all. it wasn't a bad sandwich, but I'm willing to bet that the same sandwich is a lot better if you show up during their peak hours.


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  4. funny...i looked at the picture and thought "that can't be a good pastrami and swiss." i feel for ya.

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  6. Amazing photo. Food looks so good when it is photographed. I love a simple sandwich.

  7. I've been perusing your blog for a while now, but haven't been motivated to comment until this very entry...primarily because this sandwich looked like an orgasm on a plate, and I am just devastated, right along with you, that it wasn't everything you were hoping for.

    Incidentally, my favorite sandwich is buffalo mozzarella on ciabatta with pesto and heirloom tomatoes...and balsamic vinegar for dipping. Keep up the yummy work!

  8. hey, I once wrote a blog about my Love for Sandwiches. I'm so happy to find someone who shares the same obsession with the best thing in the world. Nice Blog. :)

  9. GREAT BLOG! Sandwiches are money. Personally, I think it is the bread that makes the sandwich, wouldn't you agree? One small flaw in the bread and the sandwich is RUINED! Anywho, keep on keepin' on. I dig it.



  10. Yummm!! That looks SO delish :D

  11. hey, white bread, peanut butter, banana, small marshmellows


  12. For maybe the firs time ever in my 37 years of life, yesterday I had the thought "this is a sub-par sandwich". It was a brie sandwich, I even had them add some avocado. It wasn't nearly as good as it sounded and I was quite disappointed. I was having one of "those" days, the days when you really just want a good sandwich.