roast turkey sandwich

arguello's deli, arguello & cabrillo, san francisco
when the circumstances are just right, a roast turkey sandwich from the deli counter at the Arguello Market can be one of the best turkey sandwiches in the world. this is because they roast their own turkeys, in a giant rotating roaster. JoJoJoJo prefers the cracked pepper turkey breast (the kind that arrives at the deli packaged), but frankly I'm a little baffled by that, since that meat is available at pretty much every deli and there's nothing that special about the way Arguello's prepares their sandwiches. but to each their own sanwich.
the first time I tried this sandwich, JoJoJoJo had picked it up for me while I was doing my radio show at nearby KUSF. it was one of the most incredible sandwiches I had ever eaten- hot, freshly roasted turkey! on a sourdough roll, with all the right condiments!
but today, the circumstances were not quite right. I think perhaps I had arrived shortly after their lunch rush, because when I glanced at the preparation area behind the counter, I saw a sad, gristly looking pile of dark meat. like all of the fatty discards that were left over after everyone had gotten the good stuff. and that's what ended up on my sandwich. see, the thing is that when the meat is coming off of a freshly roasted turkey, timing is of the esssence, and today my timing was poor.
thats not to say this was a bad sandwich- it was pretty good. I could have used a stronger mustard, or sharper swiss cheese, but I understand that the turkey is meant to be the centerpiece of the sandwich. unfortunately for me, the turkey I ended up with today was not quite the best of the bird.

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