turkey and brie panini

valencia whole foods, 20th & valencia, san francisco

Valencia Whole Foods is a nice little market on the corner of 20th, one that i would love to shop at more often, if it were not for the astronomically high prices. still, they have some great products and recently they started offering a selection of sandwiches. it was grey and windy the day I went, and the streets were wet from rain. I wanted something warm, but not too heavy, and this sandwich turned out to be exactly what I was looking for. all of the flavors in this sandwich were mild; the turkey had a slight smokey flavor, the pesto was not overwhelming as some can be, and the bites that had big pieces of tomato were almost dominated by the flavor of the vegetable. but the best was the gooey brie, and it tasted so good that I ate this sandwich almost too quickly!

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