tabouli hot dogs

JoJoJoJo and I were eating some hot dogs the other night, and she offered me some tabouli (which honestly, I had never eaten before) on the side. I tried a bite of it, liked it, and lacking pickle relish, decided to try some on my hot dog. now, I don't know if this is an offensive use of the salad- perhaps my brother, who is more knowledgable about Greek culture can tell me- but I thought it tasted great. a couple of days later I tried it again, and the result are the photos above. lacking feta, I added some queso fresco on top, but that turned out to be a mistake, as it was a particularly strong flavored queso fresco and I wanted more to enjoy the flavor of the hot dog and tabouli. also, I didn't use ketchup or mustard this time around, although I thought they worked well the first time, and I would probably use them if I made this again. one last note: we were using turkey dogs, which were tasty, although pretty puny. I'd be interested to try this again with a different hot dog.

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