the italian combo

valencia whole foods, 20th & valencia, san francisco

I had really enjoyed the turkey panini that I bought the other week from Valencia Whole Foods, and was eager to go back and try their other paninis. unfortunately, my experience with this sandwich was not as pleasant as the last time. for starters, I don't really know that much about prosciutto- i've only had it maybe a handful of times in my life- but it doesn't seem well suited for being part of a "combo". it was particularly fatty, and so I often ended up pulling away long pieces of fat when I bit into the sandwich. secondly, I don't think any of the meats involved are better served hot, and so getting a mouthful of warm salami and mortadella was somewhat off putting. and lastly, this was a really greasy sandwich. the guy making it used a liberal amount of grease on the outside of the bread, and all the meats were salty and fatty to begin with, so I ended up with a pretty gnarly stomach ache after eating this. I kind of get the impression that whoever came up with this sandwich was more trying to show what an upscale shop Valencia Whole Foods is, rather than create a really good sandwich.

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