guest review - phat philly cheesesteak

phat philly, 24th & valencia, san francisco
I’m pretty sure that this was my first cheese steak ever, so I went for the “classic”. Just the basics this time. I gotta give this sandwich introduction a big thumbs up. It was like eating a cloud. A delicious cloud filled with meat, onions, and cheese. The rolls they use are crazy soft! It’s big enough to hold everything in, but you don’t feel like you’re eating a whole loaf of bread.

Also anywhere with garlic mayo is worth going back to.

guest review by Katie Roquet


  1. did the photos were taken at garbage dump. they looks like very old and dirty.

  2. Omg
    I think I have to come to San Francisco just for this sandwich.

  3. Well, I'm not sure if you can get an authentic Philly Steak in California, but it does look pretty good. If you ever get to Philly, get a cheesesteak "with" from the cart in Rittenhouse Square. It's the best in the city. Don't ask "with what?" or a soup-nazi like scold may ensue. Check out my food blog at goodscientific.blogspot,com Cheers!