summer sandwiches: fish sandwich and a scotch egg at horse brass in portland

4534 Southeast Belmont Street, Portland, OR

It didn't even dawn on me until just now that this was the second "Brass" place Els and I went to in Portland.  We dropped into this British-styled pub for a late lunch with our hosts Nic and Andrew on Monday afternoon.  Looking now at their website, it seems like Horse Brass Pub takes their authentic presentation pretty seriously, but frankly I really wouldn't even know the difference between real and fake pubs.  This one certainly seemed pretty legit while we were there, and I was impressed with their (weekly?) rotating beer list.  The food wasn't bad either, although I definitely wasn't as blown away as I was at other Portland locales.  Maybe it's because Horse Brass focuses on authenticity and tradition, and so therefore their sandwiches are MEANT to be kinda plain and unadventurous.  At any rate, I didn't really have any problems with my fish sandwich, but I did try adding every sauce on the table to it in order to wrangle a little extra flavor out of my lunch.  And, I will add, that Horse Brass afforded me an opportunity to finally try a scotch egg, which I'd been wanting to try for years- actually the fact that Horse Brass has scotch eggs is the reason we went in the first place!  It was pretty interesting, but somehow drier and colder than I'd imagined scotch eggs would be.

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  1. Scotch eggs are mostly served cold, but they are awesome when hot. Fresh out of the deep fryer, they don't even resemble the cold ones!