complimentary fresh cut fruit

Awhile ago I was talking about comfort sandwiches and peanut butter and jelly seems to be the one everyone agrees on.  Now this person I was talking to said that she had gotten one that had strawberries cut up and added on and thought this mind blowing!

Now it's been months... maybe in fact a year since I was told to try this out, yet every time I've made a PB&J  since I have neglected to take the extra step, pretty lame I know. However, today when I returned home from running errands all over the city and was super hungry I  walked into the kitchen to find a bowl of strawberries I had left out to snack on and decided today was the day to do this.

Now I don't know how the rest of you make your PB&J's but I like to lightly toast my bread, that way the peanut butter melts into the warm toast and you get a great texture with the crisped outside and soft inside (the toast, by the way, was made with Semifreddi's sliced sourdough, yum).  And while the bread was toasting I cut up a few strawberries and that addition was just as awesome as I had been promised!  I'm not one for super sweet things and tend to go light on the jelly so the natural sweetness and juices from the berries was a perfect compliment to the entirety of the PB&J.  

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