rainy day at the beach

as the weather has gotten colder and the days shorter i've been hunkering down, bundling up in blankets and surfing the waves of the net.  and i came across this video one morning...
i don't have to say it twice, i really love tartine!  i used to live two blocks away and on the mornings i was too cold tired and or lazy to ride my bike to work i'd have to walk past the bakery on my way to the bus.  it would be when they were just opening, things were just coming out of the ovens and best of all there would be no lines! i'd get a croissant that had the best hot crisp flaky exterior and the most melty doughy buttery inside.  their bread is the same when it comes out of the oven.  walking home after buying a loaf  i could easily eat half in that two block distance.
before having watched the video above, i had heard outerlands mentioned by friends before, but the sunset district just always seems so far, i had never really thought to make the trek before until learning about their connection to tartine.  
it was awesome! it's a tiny little hole in the wall, with walls tiled by spiraling wood and hanging hoyas tangled over the counter.  the food is rustic and hearty, which was a perfect match for the rainy day.  i got the grilled cheese with a bowl of lentil soup.  the bread was cut thick, leaving the grilled exterior toasted and crisp while the center was softer and lighter and pleasantly warm with soft melted cheese.  also, the soup was some of the best lentil soup i've ever had! not heavy on the salt, full of fresh cut vegi's and perfect for dipping a sandwich into!  i could eat this every day and be happy! 
another perk, a few doors down was this great shop, the general store, where i purchased a new blanket to add to the nest of blankets i've been burrowing under during this very cold winter.

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