pink's, melrose & la brea, los angeles
1."THE OZZY SPICY DOG - Spicy Polish Dog, nacho cheese, American cheese, grilled onions, guacamole & chopped tomatoes"
2. "PASTRAMI REUBEN DOG - Pastrami, mustard, swiss cheese & sauerkraut" 

I'd heard so much about Pink's famous hot dogs when I was living in LA, I knew I had to eat there before I moved.  But I had also heard it was popular among tourists, and that there was frequently a long line.  So, after putting it off for a long time, I made it a point to at least go ONCE before I moved- that was over a year ago.  I got some nice pics of my dogs, but then during Halloween of last year I lost my bag that had my digital camera in it (still pretty mad about this).  Since I didn't have the photos anymore, I decided to draw the hot dogs I had eaten, along with a little representation of it.  The first one is the Ozzy Dog- I did that Ozzy from memory and I think it turned out to be a pretty good caricature.  The second is the Pastrami Reuben Dog, and yes, I really did hear a dude walking down 16th Street in San Francisco loudly saying this to his friend, in the middle of the day.  Although I ate these over a year ago, I remember liking them both quite a bit.  The Ozzy Dog was bigger- more like a sausage- and the Pastrami Reuben was thinner like a hot dog.  I only ordered two because I knew it was likely to be the last time I'd go to Pink's in a long time.  The Ozzy Dog was crazy and indulgent (guacamole AND nacho cheese AND american cheese!!).  The Pastrami Reuben was indulgent too, but not quite in the overwhelming way that the Ozzy was.  The lines weren't TOO bad, either- I'd say I waited about 15-20 minutes to order.  I'd definitely go back to Pink's for a special treat next time I'm down south.

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