french fry po'boy

I decided yesterday, while eating a ham and swiss from the deli at 19th and Guerrero, that I was failing in my journalistic obligation to discover new and interesting sandwiches. Would anyone really be that interested in my ham and swiss (it was pretty good btw)? Probably not, but what if I had ordered the salmon BLT that was on the menu? Perhaps moreso! And so, with my renewed dedication to finding less boring sandwiches, I got this french fry sandwich from Tasty's (in the kitchen formerly occupied by Yat's, in the bar Jack's). The menu claimed that this sandwich was a New Orleans tradition- basically, it was a po'boy with fries and gravy as the main substance. I like poutine, and was hoping this might be a little like the Canadian dish. It didn't end up being too similar, but it was very tasty. The mound of fries on top was gigantic, which made eating the sandwich challenging.
I wish there had been more gravy, but otherwise i'd say it was good. Next time Els and I are going earlier, to order off the brunch menu... there's a fried egg sandwich that sounds crazy good.


  1. I think we've tried four different po-boys from here now, and the pulled turkey remains my favorite. This was pretty good and I agree could have used more gravy, but the fries did not stand alone. I thought they were kind of starchy and bland, which is probably why we wanted more gravy... The turkey, I remember, is so juicy and flavorful and piled on!

  2. Yeah... it was kind of funny that, after resolving to be more adventurous, i ended up wishing i'd gotten turkey! Sorry i talked you out of ordering it. Next time!