technological advancement

It still lives!! I know there's been a lot of downtime at this blog lately and rumors have been running rampant- I developed a severe wheat allergy, I joined a strict Atkins-diet cult, I renounced sandwiches and proclaimed I would from now on eat only tacos and burritos. Not true! I've just been working 2 jobs and have been more focused on EATING sandwiches rather than writing about them. But now i've set up this nifty mobile-blogging deal and can write up and post reviews mere moments after eating them! In fact, i'm doing that right now! See that killer salami, cheddar and heirloom tomato sandwich up there? Els fixed that up only minutes ago! It was delicious. Stick around, there's a bunch of new and great sandwich shops in San Francisco and we intend to eat at all of them or get fat trying!

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