it's a pretty good place

After learning of a 3+ hour long wait for Ike's the other day, AW decided to take me to the Sandwich Place on Mission between 16th and 17th.  It's a fairly unassuming lil shop, not much sets it apart from the outside and inside it's pretty tiny.  A large vegetarian menu covers one wall while a meat menu covers the other, both have hot and cold options.  We showed up a little after 2pm on a Saturday and the women running the shop were starting to close up but said if we ordered cold sandwiches they would make them.  I ordered the Vegi Vegi which featured mixed greens, avocado, red onion, swiss cheese and sun-dried tomato mayo.

We walked over to Dolores Park and chowed down!  The two things that really set this sandwich apart from most others was that the ratio of fillings to bread was on the smaller side and that the bread was amazing!!!  Mildly sweet, super fluffy and soft.  While we were waiting at the deli, one woman was tearing a loaf up for bread pudding - I defiantly want to go back to try that!

The prices were great too! It's hard to find a decent sandwich that's satisfying for under $7.  So what I'm saying is, y'all gots ta go! great veggi and meat selections for not a lot and it doesn't seem to be as well known as some of the other places in the neighborhood where you'd likely have to wait an epic amount of time to get lunch.


  1. thats a lot of bread on that sandwich..

  2. Dude. This has been a secret for years. This place is top 3 in the city for sure. But it's all about the weekly specials. Like the AL Pachino!

  3. Yes! this place rules. new favorite sandwich shop