summer's here, time for lots of sunny day sandwich eatin

As you've maybe noticed, Aw and I try a lot of sandwich places together, yet we never really have co-reviews of our sandwich adventures.  And while I sorta want to review Submarine Center, I don't think I could add much more to what Aw has said.  It seemed like a good idea, we found the place on Facebook's Secret San Francisco and a whole bunch of people had talked it up.  But the amount of attitude we received followed by ho-hum lunches really killed it.Yada yada yada... What I'm saying is, even though this could be a negative review about Submarine Center, it's not.  Instead, this is a review of my first po-boy!

Aw and I staggered over to Yat's (the kitchen inside Jack's) one weekend morning recently and it was fantastic!!!!!!  The menu was a little overwhelming only because it all looked so good, so much so that I had to play mental rock-paper-scissors to decide my order.  The above image is of the pulled turkey po-boy.  So perfect, tender and mildly tangy from the kapers (I removed the pickles and handed them over to Aw).  The most impressive part was the size of the kitchen the cook was working in.  It was tiny, someone could stand in the center of it and touch everything around him/her, and the tastes that he was jammin' out were huge and killer good!  I can't really add much more because, sadly, what I remember mostly is how much I enjoyed it rather than little details... Oh well, guess I'm just gonna have to go back and sample some more....


  1. where is this?

  2. OOPS! AW pointed out to me this morning I left out the name of the place. It's called Yat's and it's located inside a bar called Jack's on 24th between Utah and San Bruno.