homemade vegan cheesesteak!

Here's a vegan cheesesteak sandwich I made!

A cross section:
homemade vegan cheese*
carmelized onion
grilled bell pepper
trader joes meatless beef strips
a little bbq sauce

Ah, so good.  It would have been better on a roll, but the SOMA trader joes didn't have any. 

*I'm pretty down on gross fake cheeses, but a couple months ago I made a macaroni and cheese recipe from Vegansaurus and it turned out really well, so I did a similar thing here: earth balance melted in a pan, a little water, lots of nutritional yeast, tamari, tumeric, smoked paprika, garlic powder and salt and then some corn starch whisked in to thicken it.  This would be a little weird on a cold sandwich, but for melty vegan cheese uses, it's way better than packaged soy/rice cheeses.


  1. VEGAN CHEESESTEAK?! Na-uh. Incredible.

  2. woah that looks super good! you are putting the ingredients on the side of the bread that has less surface area though which is bizarre to me!

  3. haha, i guess you're right. usually i try to to make them match up (so i'll use the smaller face of the bigger piece and the larger face of the smaller one) but this time i seem to have used the smaller sides of both pieces of bread. i was pretty excited to eat this thing so maybe i wasn't thinking clearly.

    digging the new pulldown menus.

  4. astute comment! also, i really like the presentation/photo. it looks eerily similar to those old recipe book photos you post on deathwishthree.

    and yeah, wow, this blog is classing up!