eggs benedict

the phoenix bar, valencia & 19th, san francisco
Eggs Benedict, a sandwich?  It's not typically referred to as a sandwich, but then, it is basically an open face breakfast sandwich, right?  I figure its because Eggs Benedict is typically eaten by rich people for brunch who don't want to consider they might be eating something as low-class as a sandwich.  Of course, Eggs Benedict isn't always eaten by rich people; sometimes hungover sandwich bloggers eat them too.  This was my first time at the Phoenix Bar, and it was an interesting experience.  Served on really thick and tasty soda bread, this was almost an example of great Eggs Benedict.  The Irish bacon was hearty and flavorful, and the Hollandaise sauce was fine if not particularly memorable.  Unfortunately it was served lukewarm (it didn't help that the potatos on the side were totally bland).  Maybe the kitchen staff was as hungover as I was?  Irish pub food sounds pretty great to me and I think this may be the place to get it, but luck was not with us that day.  Also, taking photos of food in a bar isn't easy!

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