philippe's lamb french dip

philippe's, alameda & main, los angeles
Heh, didn't intend this (the follow-up to Philippe's beef french dip) to take so long to post about. What can I say, I'm a lazy, lazy man. Hungry, too. I mostly wish I had gotten around to posting this earlier because, as good as the beef french dip was, this was WAY BETTER. The server carved up some of this roast lamb right there, put it in a french roll, and slopped on some drippings. And daaaang was this a tasty sandwich. So meaty.... so salty.... so filling. As great as the spicy mustard was, I wanted nothing to take away from the flavor of the meat and did without. I had lamb stuck in my teeth for hours afterwards. Next time I go to Philippe's I'm getting at least one of these.

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